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January 2017 Newsletter

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Understanding Sonic Data in Unconventional Reservoirs

Jennifer Market


Acoustic velocities are one of the key measurements for production enhancement and increased drilling efficiency in unconventional reservoirs, but the environment can present considerable complications to accurate data interpretation. Because these wells are often produced by way of horizontal boreholes through shales, the sonic logs respond to intrinsic shale anisotropy, natural fractures, drilling induced stress, and nearby beds above or below the target formation.

These intertwined effects frequently lead to misinterpretations such as picking a compressional slowness from an approaching bed but the shear slowness from the current formation, leading to odd (and confusing) geomechanical results.  Other times, shale anisotropy is inadvertently assumed to be linked to natural fracture networks.  Interpretations from different vendors, and even different analysts within the same team might vary greatly due to different processing methods.  Thus, we need to consider the various aspects of sonic response in horizontal wellbore through unconventional reservoirs and proscribe a workflow and quality control regime to ensure consistent and valid results.
This presentation begins with a review of sonic measurements in unconventional reservoirs, paying particular attention to concepts such as the depth of detection of nearby beds and distinguishing shale anisotropy from fracture or stress-induced anisotropy.  A discussion of wireline and azimuthal LWD data acquisition methods follows, with details about optimising data acquisition in unconventional reservoirs. Then, a workflow is described, with the goal of correctly determining the compressional and shear velocities for the bed in which the tool resides as well as the nearby beds. Several field examples will be examined in detail, describing the correct methods for interpretation and the common pitfalls.  Examples of how incorrectly interpreted results impact petrophysics and production optimisation studies will be shown.   Finally, a discussion of the applications of sonic data in unconventional reservoirs will be illustrated with field examples.

Speaker Biography

Jennifer Market is the global acoustics advisor for Weatherford.  Her role involves acoustic data processing and interpretation, along with development of software and new application. She also provides industry training seminars to widen the understanding of acoustic data acquisition and applications.  She has 20 years’ experience in borehole acoustics, working in service companies and as a consultant to develop enhanced  acoustics tools and applications.  She frequently publishes articles for both SPWLA and SPE and was an SPWLA lecturer in 2008-2009, 2011-2012, 2015-2017 as well as a SPE Distinguished lecturer 2014-2105. She is the 2016-2017 SPWLA VP of Technology.
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From the President

Bob Lieber

Happy New Year!  2017 is upon us ready or not.  2017 is shaping up to me yet another challenging year.  This is true not only for our employers (if you are a consultant like me you still have an employer) and our vendor community, but for our professional societies as well.  In that vein, I need to inform you, our members, which our parent society SPWLA is attempting to change the basic relationship between parent organization and the DWLS.  Most of the changes are organizational, but a major change would require SPWLA membership ($100 fee this year) for membership in the DWLS.  Non-members would then have to pay 150% of member prices for all DWLS functions including our luncheons.  To date, your Board of Directors has declined to sign this new charter.  We are joined by chapters in Houston, Calgary, London, Malesia, and Australia who have yet to approve the charter.  Please be sure that your Board of Directors will do what we feel is best for our membership and that we will take no final action without informing you, our members.  Everyone involved at both the local and national level is trying to do the right thing so there is no bad guy in this situation. But please stay tuned for future developments.

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