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Please note that due to remodeling currently underway at the Wynkoop that this month's luncheon will be held at a sister location:

Breckenridge Colorado Craft
2220 Blake St
Denver, CO 80205

This is on Blake St between 22nd St and Park Ave W, near Coors Field.

Also note that this location has a capacity of only 75 instead of the 100 we have at the Wynkoop.  So make your registration early!!!

Meeting Information

"Impact of Experimental Studies on Unconventional Reservoir Mechanisms"

Richard Rosen

Novel apparatuses have been developed to measure permeability using steady- and unsteady- state methods on nano-Darcy (nD) shale (source rock) using intact cylindrical samples returned to isostatic effective reservoir stress. The steady-state method uses a high pressure dual pump system using supercritical fluids. High pressure supercritical fluids have low viscosity and low compressibility. The effect of low viscosity fluid results in measureable flow rates and the effect of low compressibility fluid minimize unsteady-state transients thereby reducing the amount of time required to achieve steady-state equilibrium. Specially designed and configured pump systems, seals and sleeves reduce leak rates to allow Darcy flow and permeability determination below 1 nD. The unsteady-state method is based upon standard designs but is optimized for small pore volume. In this report we present a summary of over 200 such permeability measurements. Permeability is observed to be dependent on geologic parameters, such as, texture and composition. Stress dependence, with hysteresis, is observed for samples with and without fractures as is rate dependent skin (Forchheimer). An interpretation model where matrix storage feeds a progressively larger fracture network provides a logical basis for a dual-porosity reservoir simulation model. This dual-porosity model is used to understand the influence of reservoir production parameters, such as choke management.

An additional observed effect is possibly related to pore collapse and disconnection. Pores associated with organic matter are softer than the surrounding mineral matrix. If these pores have a sufficiently small throat diameter, it is not hard to envision that they easily compact and close under increased effective stress as the result of reservoir depletion. Therefore, organic pore systems can become isolated unlike those of a sponge where fluids remain in pressure communication at all times. The implication of such pore isolation phenomena is that fluid material balance is not preserved during production and can contribute to large production decline rates.

About the Speaker

Richard is now living in Denver and part-time consulting. Previously he worked 4 years for Marathon resurrecting their experimental capabilities as a Senior Technical Consultant and for 30 years before that for Shell Oil in various operations and research capacities. These include Principal Technical Expert for Coring and Core Analysis, Petrophysics Discipline Lead, and Team Leader for Shell's global Petrophysical Sciences Laboratory. He enjoys working with teams and mentoring individuals and solving holistically diverse problems in petroleum engineering relating to how reservoirs work.

From the President

Suzanne Heskin

Happy Holidays!  As I sit by the fire watching more snow fall on the feet already fallen, I can't help but feel grateful for all that we have. While the last year has been rough, we all still have much to be thankful for. The Holiday Season will soon wrap up and we will head into 2016. It's anyone's guess as to what the year will bring, but positive attitudes and hard work certainly can't hurt. Predictions and forecasts may or may not be correct, just as the weather predictions here, forecasting another few feet of snow.


From the Vice President - Technology

Bob Cluff (The Discovery Group)

Our Spring 2016 luncheon program is now full, kicking off with this month's speaker, Rich Rosen, formerly with Marathon Oil Company and now an independent consultant here in Denver, speaking on the impact of experimental studies on unconventional reservoir mechanisms.  Our February speaker will be Jennifer Market with Weatherford on Untangling Acoustic Anisotropy, another SPWLA distinguished lecture.  And for March we have Dr. Siddharth Misra from the University of Oklahoma who will be presenting his recently completed doctoral work on the impact of pyrite, graphite and other conductive minerals on the induction log response in mudrocks.  We'll have speakers from Halliburton and Mt Sopris Instruments to fill out the rest of the year.

Preparations for the Spring topical conference are proceeding with about ½ of the program in place.  Topic will be Petrophysics of the Spraberry-Wolfcamp play in the Midland basin.  The workshop will be held on April 21st at the Colorado School of Mines student center.  If you have seen or know of a good operator presentation on this topic please contact me as I'm still trying to fill out the program.


SPWLA Events

2016 Annual Symposium, June 25-29, 2016 (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Meeting Details

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11:20 am - 1:30 pm
Breckenridge Colorado Craft
(tell me how to get there)
$20 per person
$25 at the door (space permitting)
Must be made on-line at before 5 PM on Thursday, . Or click below to go directly to PayPal.

Please note that the room has a maximum capacity of 75 people. We have generally allowed walk-ins in the past. However, if we approach this limit with paid reservations, walk-ins will be turned away!
Cancellations must be made no later than 5 PM the Friday prior to the talk, or you will be responsible for the full cost of the luncheon!  or contact Lisa Gregor at 303-770-4235.  Our full cancellation/wait list policy is available on the website.
Luncheon Talk
"Untangling Acoustics Anisotropy"

Jennifer Market
Weatherford Laboratories

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