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"Petrophysical Interpretation of Electromagnetic Measurements in Clay- and Pyrite-Bearing Formations: Toward Improved Water Saturation Estimates"

Siddharth Misra
University of Oklahoma

Subsurface electromagnetic (EM) measurements, namely galvanic resistivity, EM induction, EM propagation, and dielectric dispersion measurements, in shaly sands, sand-shale laminations, conductive-mineral-rich shales, and organic-rich mudrocks exhibit directional and frequency dispersive characteristics, primarily due to the effects of electrical conductivity anisotropy and interfacial polarization phenomena. Existing petrophysical interpretation techniques for laboratory and subsurface EM measurements do not account for the effects of dielectric permittivity, dielectric dispersion, and dielectric permittivity anisotropy arising from the interfacial polarization of clay minerals, clay-sized particles, and conductive minerals.

A non-contact and non-invasive, laboratory-based EM induction apparatus was developed and employed to study the effects of interfacial polarization of conductive minerals on the effective conductivity and permittivity. A newly developed electrochemical model, referred to as the PS model, processed the measured effective EM properties of geological formations to estimate the true conductivity and permittivity of hydrocarbon-bearing host media free from the effects of clay minerals, clay-sized particles, and conductive minerals. The PS model predictions successfully reproduced several laboratory measurements of multi-frequency complex electrical conductivity of fluid-saturated mixtures in the frequency range of 100 Hz to 10 MHz. The model indicates high sensitivity of subsurface EM measurements to the electrical properties, shape, volumetric concentration, and size of the inclusion phase, and to the conductivity of pore-filling electrolyte.

A recently published well log shows that the conventional interpretation of a single frequency EM measurement in pyrite-bearing mudrock and shale formations, containing clays and conductive minerals, doesn’t lead to accurate water saturation values due to the effects of frequency dispersion and interfacial polarization. However, a joint interpretation of EM induction, EM propagation, and dielectric dispersion logs generated the true conductivity and true permittivity, which can then be interpreted using conventional interpretation techniques to obtain improved water saturation estimates.

About the Speaker

Siddharth Misra is Assistant Professor in Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering. He holds Ph.D. and M.S.E. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Misra completed his B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. From 2007 to 2010, he worked for Halliburton Energy Services as a Wireline Field Engineer. In his doctoral research, Dr. Misra collaborated with Schlumberger to develop a multi-frequency inductive conductivity tensor apparatus to estimate the electromagnetic properties of geological whole core samples. Using that laboratory apparatus, he investigated the effects of pyrite and graphite on electromagnetic induction measurements. He also developed a wideband mechanistic model for electrical conductivity and dielectric permittivity interpretation in formations containing clays, inclusions, and conductive minerals.

From the Vice President - Technology

Katerina Yared (QEP) - Filling in

Our Spring workshop is fast approaching and we are looking forward to some great talks and discussions on one of the most vigorous basins in the US: The Midland basin.  Bob and I have prepared an exquisite line-up of talks thanks to the many speakers that accepted our invitation to come talk to us.

The line-up is as follows:

  • Robert Baumgardner, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
    Early Permian basinal mudrocks in the Southern Midland basin – foundation for the Wolfberry Play
  • Reed Olmstead, IHS Energy
    Wolfcamp Midland: Can the trajectory continue?
  • Michael Holmes, Digital Formation Inc.
    Petrophysical analysis of the Wolfcamp Shale interval
  • Tim McGinley, Laredo
    Comprehensive Integrated Petrophysical Analysis That Enhances Performance of a Wolfberry Play
  • Kent Newsham, Oxy
    Title: TBD
  • Randy Miller, Core Labs
    Core-Log Integration Techniques for the Development of a Petrophysical Model for the Wolfcamp, Midland Basin
  • Anyela Morcote-Rios, Ingrain
    An Integrated Digital Rock Physics Method for Wolfcamp Formation Core Characterization
  • Milly Wright, Chemostrat
    Understanding how XRF and FTIR data can be used to model petrophysical properties in cutting samples – examples from lateral wells in the Wolfcamp Formation

I hope you can come join us for our DWLS Spring Workshop about the Midland Basin on April 21st at our standard venue place, the Colorado School of Mines. Doors open at 7:30am.

P.S.: As you might have heard during our last Lunch and Learn I am stepping in for Bob Cluff temporarily as he needs to focus on getting better. Bob will be out of pocket for hopefully just a short time.
Get well soon, Bob!


From a Director (Monthly Beverage Sponsorship, and Social Events)

Bryan Page (Weatherford)


From the Past President

Katerina Yared (QEP) - Filling in

Dear DWLS members, as acting Past-President it is part of my duty to recruit the next generation of the DWLS board. There is no better time than now to volunteer for the DWLS board and keep connected with the oil and gas industry. Become actively involved and experience a very rewarding and educational organization. We are a strong community and we hope you can help us keep our members up-to-date and informed. This last year has been tough for everyone. You can help do your part for all good reasons.

If you are interested in joining the DWLS board please come talk to me at our meetings or email me:!

The current board has done a great job in keeping us informed and connected all through the year despite the hardships in their lives. I want to thank them all again for their time and for a job well done! Thank you!


SPWLA Events

2016 Spring Topical Conference, April 27-29, 2016 (Houston, TX)
2016 Annual Symposium, June 25-29, 2016 (Reykjavik, Iceland)

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11:20 am - 1:30 pm
Wynkoop Brewing Company
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$20 per person
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Luncheon Talk
"Multi detector / multi-tool method for leak detection in wells in mature fields"

Luis Quintero

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