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Historical Chart Books on CD-ROM

Special thanks to Bob Cluff for spearheading this project!

Chart Book CDs (7-CD compilation) are For Sale through RMAG, AAPG, SPWLA, and SEG. The list price is $149US per set.

NEW! Also for sale direct from the DWLS; go here.


The scanning, proofing, and assembly of the historical chart books project finished during the summer 2002. By the beginning of November, final artwork revisions came back, and the 7-CD compilation was sent out for printing. The collection includes 4 CD’s of Schlumberger chart books and interpretation handbooks dating all the way back to Document #1 published in 1947. Two CD’s cover Atlas chart books including its predecessor companies PGAC and Lane Wells, plus companies acquired by Atlas over the years such as Birdwell. One CD of Halliburton books finishes the collection, also including predecessor companies Welex and Gearhart. We scanned all books in their entirety to provide an archival collection. Also, we determined it was impossible to figure out which charts are exact duplicates of older charts and which have minor revisions or even errors, so we captured everything! The books were scanned at 200 dpi and color charts were scanned in color, so that prints made from the CD should be similar quality to a Xerox copy from the original. Thanks to everybody that helped out on this project!

Ordering Tips

To find this product via the above links, here are some tips:

  • RMAG - you must call them on the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) to place the order (303-573-8621).
  • AAPG - go to the Bookstore, search for "historical log interpretation" - or if the spelling gets you, search on "charts" or "historical" or "interpretation".
  • SPWLA - go to Library & Info, then Order Publications, and it will be under the CD ROM section, but you must be an SPWLA member to order from them.
  • SEG - go to the Online Book Mart, search for catalog number #337A.
  • DWLS - scroll down to this item, hit the Add to Cart button, do the same with anything else that grabs you, then hit the View Cart button to send us the money using PayPal.

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