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November 2016 Newsletter

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Dipole Shear Anisotropy Using Logging While Drilling Tools

Matthew Blyth
Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements


This paper describes new modeling capabilities and processing workflows to output dipole shear anisotropy answers, such as the fast and slow dipole shear slownesses and azimuths from LWD sonic tools. A major objective is to model the coupling between the drill-collar and formation flexural modes that has been the root cause of measurement problems with LWD dipole in the past and invert either of these two modes for the formation dipole-shear slowness. A new dispersion extraction algorithm isolates and identifies both of these dispersive arrivals in the recorded wave train. This is followed by a model based inversion of either the drill-collar flexural or formation flexural dispersions to obtain the dipole shear slownesses either in a fast or slow formations. The method offers a robust and reliable dipole shear answer and opens the door to formation anisotropy characterization in all formations with LWD. 

Speaker Biography

Matthew Blyth is the LWD Geophysics, Acoustics and Geomechanics Domain Head with Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements.   Since joining Schlumberger in 1997 he has filled a variety of roles, all within the field of logging while drilling. He is currently involved in the long term technical development plan for LWD acoustic and seismic technology and their applications within Schlumberger.  He has authored and coauthored multiple papers on LWD technology and its uses.  Matthew graduated in 1996 from Cambridge University with a Bachelors and a Masters in Engineering. He is a member of the SPWLA, SPE, SEG and ASA and has served as both a VP and as President of the Houston SPWLA chapter.  He is currently the secretary of the SPWLA Sonic SIG and is a 2016/2017 SPWLA Distinguished Speaker.
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January's Talk

Understanding Acoustic Data in Unconventional Reservoirs
Jennifer Market

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From the President

Bob Lieber

Change is the only constant.  Not only is this an old saying, it is a true saying as well.  The DWLS is a unique collection of petrophysicists, geologists, geophysicists and engineers all of whom use subsurface data to study and understand hydrocarbon reservoirs.  We are affiliated with the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) and we have a long history with that international professional society.  SPWLA is proposing a change in how local chapters interact with the parent society moving from affiliation to actually becoming part of the national body.  This would bring about some changes – some minor – some major, but the overall process is being proposed to make the SPWLA more efficient in these challenging times.  The DWLS Board of Directors is working with SPWLA to make sure our members (only about half of whom are SPWLA members) are being served through this transition - if it takes place.  DWLS is a unique organization and your Board will act with the best interest of our members in mind.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

From the VP - Membership

Aaron Fisher

November is right around the corner, which means that the yearly renewal process is almost up.  Those of you who have not renewed your yearly dues can do so by clicking on the following link: (  November marks the end of the grace period for yearly members to renew.  If you do not renew you will be dropped from the monthly newsletter.  Don’t miss out on hearing about the spring workshop and all the monthly talks.
Some good news:  DWLS membership has continued to grow.  Currently, we have 400 members of which 315 are lifetime members, up from 378 and 308 last year!

From the Directors of Social Events

Lauri Burke and Amanda Waller

SAVE THE DATE: The December Holiday Social is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13th from 4pm – 6pm at the Rialto Café. This will be a great time to get together and network as well as get into the holiday spirit! An official announcement with more details to come. 

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Other Important Events

2016 Fall Topical Conference, November 7-8, 2016 (Houston, TX)

2017 SPWLA Annual Symposium, June 18-21, 2016 (Oklahoma City, OK)

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Chapter Statistics


This Year

3-Year Average

# of Active members 372 362
# that are New members 16 16
# that are Students 12 11
# that are Lifetime Members 315 299
September luncheon meeting attendance 38 75
October luncheon meeting attendance 69 66
November luncheon meeting attendance   76
Holiday party attendance   48
January luncheon meeting attendance   79
February luncheon meeting attendance   76
March luncheon meeting attendance   70
April luncheon meeting attendance   59
May luncheon meeting attendance   59
Summer social attendance   31
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