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We currently have the following available for purchase on this page: Membership Dues, and Reservations for the Current Luncheon.

New! If you happen to catch wind of other items for sale (like Phil Nelson's book as a PDF file), try going here.

Membership Dues

Forgot to pay for your dues for this year? Want to make a single payment for a lifetime membership, and then forget about it permanently? This is the button you want.

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Please submit new or updated information using the Membership Form found here. This link will open in a new page.

Holiday Social - $10pp

Come join us for our annual holiday gathering! Check here for details.

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Next Luncheon - $20pp

Come join us for some decent grub, awesome beer, and an exceptional talk! Check here to find out who's going to enlighten us (opens in a new page). If you are paying for multiple people, you will have the option in the shopping cart to update how many reservations you are making. Also, please follow your reserveration with an to give us the names and companies for each individual that you are registering (sorry, PayPal removed the ability to do this concurrently with the reservation sometime in late 2016).  The Wynkoop will take care of you vegetarians as well; just use this same email link to send us a note.

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View our cancellation/waitlist policy.

Make a Donation to the Scholarship Fund - You Pick the Amount

Do you have that uneasy feeling that you just haven"t done enough to help support the next generation of petrophysicists? Here"s a way to help quash that feeling, and benefit current students in the earth sciences. Simply make a donation in any amount you choose, and we"ll make sure it gets included in our next submission to the SPWLA Scholarship Foundation. As always, we appreciate your support!

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