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September 2017 Newsletter

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“Unconventional Rocks” Recovered from the Moon during NASA’s Apollo Program


A representative of the U.S. Geological Survey is presenting on “unconventional rocks” recovered from the Moon during NASA’s Apollo Program.  The presentation begins with a newly revised video clip of the Apollo Saturn V rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launch Complex 39A.  Then, learn about the lunar geophysical experiments conducted on the Moon, plus the equipment and the vehicles of the Apollo Program.  After the presentation, audience members are invited to view the Moon rocks on short-term loan from NASA.
Lunar rock samples are embedded in a lucite disc, which contains all six rock types recovered from the Moon.  Moon rocks include (1) mare basalt, (2) mare regolith, (3) breccia formed by meteorite impacts, (4) regolith fragments from the lunar highlands, (5) anorthosite from the lunar highlands, and (6) lunar volcanic ash.  Additionally, meteorite samples obtained during Antarctic expeditions will also be available to view.  This lucite disc is embedded with the main classifications of meteorites, which include (1) condrite, (2) carbonaceous chondrite, (3) basaltic achondrite, (4) iron octahedrite, and (5) stony-iron pallasite.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
11:20 am - 1:30 pm


Wynkoop Brewing Company
(tell me how to get there)


$20 per person
$25 at the door (space permitting)

Next Month's Talk

Tying the Data Together: A 4-Dimensional Look at Wellbore Production
Patrick Hayes

Reservations and Cancellations

Reservations must be made using the PayPal link above or on the DWLS website; reservations must be made by 5 PM the Thursday prior to the talk. Cancellations may be made until 5 PM the Friday prior. Email your cancellation or contact Dominic Holmes at 303-770-4235. Our full cancellation/wait list policy is available on the website.

From the President

Sam Fluckiger

It is my honor to represent you as President of the Denver Well Logging Society for the 2017/2018 term and I am privileged to work with the distinguished members of our Board of Directors whom I hope you will all have a chance to get to know and interact with throughout the year.  We have a number of exciting talks already lined up for the fall lecture series and I’m particularly excited about the joint RMAG/DWLS symposium coming up soon in September.  I see our industry going through a major transition in how we leverage technology and expertise which has created an environment where collaboration across disciplines is becoming increasingly important.  I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you throughout the year and I am very interested to hear your thoughts on the state of the industry and how we as a society can evolve to keep pace with the changes we’re experiencing.  As such, I plan to submit a survey polling each of you on key issues and providing an open forum for feedback later this fall, the results of which will be reviewed by myself and the Board of Directors and subsequently shared back with the membership.  I encourage all of you to take advantage of this opportunity when it becomes available to make your voice heard and to help shape our society.  With that, I’m excited to welcome all of you to the 2017/2018 term of the DWLS.

From the VP - Technology

James Shipps

Speaker Goals

To our DWLS members and welcomed guests, we continue a new luncheon speaker series with some unique topics and speakers.  Mimicking the diversity of the membership we will be trying to expose the group and guests to topics and speakers that reflect the various backgrounds that comprise our membership.  While there will have some familiar faces and topics, we will strive to introduce new, novel, and groundbreaking subjects to our membership.  We will also strive to grow our organization by attracting new members through our speaker series and workshops.  As always we welcome any and all feedback as this will help us improve our future speaker series and future workshop themes and topics.  Thank you and here is to a great luncheon speaker series.

RMAG/DWLS workshop reminder

To our DWLS Members; a gentle reminder to register for the upcoming RMAG DWLS Fall Symposium: Geology and Petrophysics of Unconventional Mudrocks, September 27-28, 2017.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the first-time combination of the two societies and their membership and expertise.
Day 1 (September 27): American Mountaineering Center (710 10th St, Golden, CO 80401)
Day 2 (September 28): USGS Core Research Center, Building 810 (Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, CO)

From the VP - Membership

Stefani Brackenoff

Are you are a DWLS lifer? Are you a yearly member? Are you a student member? We need your updated contact info. Please copy into a text editor and send the following information to me at
Mailing Address:
Line 1:
Line 2:
Secondary Email:
Phone Number:
Secondary Number:
As an incentive and bonus, all people who are current members (lifetime members or pay for this year’s membership), AND respond with their updated contact info will receive The multiple CD set of “Historical Log Interpretation Charts 1947-1999” for free!!!!!  This is a $50 value!!!

These CD sets will be redeemable at a monthly luncheon. Are we bribing you? We sure are! So take 2 minutes and let us know what you are up to. 

From the Editor

Dominic Holmes

The History of the DWLS

Have you ever pondered the extensive history of our beloved Denver Well Logging Society?  Who hasn't?  Well, I've been able to go through the entire archive of the chapter as far back as I am aware that anyone has still around.  I've tabulated the luncheon talks, all our workshops, and the Board of Directors, year-by-year, going back to 1985.  There are some gaps, but it's fairly complete.  Give it a perusal when you have the time; use the tabs at the bottom to switch views.  If you happen to have any additional information or think I have something incorrect, please let me know.

From the Editor

Dominic Holmes

Robert M. Cluff Memorial Scholarship

For Graduate students specializing in Petrophysics and/or Reservoir Characterization

Thanks to the family and friends of Bob Cluff, long-time member and past president of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, a memorial scholarship has been established in Bob’s name through the RMAG Foundation. When fully funded the scholarship will support graduate students who are specializing in petrophysics and/or reservoir characterization. Currently, with a balance of about $25,000, we seek to reach a minimum of $50,000 to maintain the fund in perpetuity and to begin offering scholarships.

We invite members of the DWLS to honor Bob by contributing to the scholarship fund. Members should also consider requesting matching funds or corporate funds from their employers to help fund this scholarship. A contribution to the RMAG Foundation Fund is tax-exempt under IRS 501(c)(3), Federal Tax ID 84-6036048. Questions regarding corporate funding may be directed to Laura Wray,

Donate via the website ( Alternatively, mail your contribution to the Foundation address below. Make your check payable to: RMAG Foundation, adding “Cluff Scholarship” on the memo line of the check.

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Foundation
Independence Plaza
No. 165
1001 16th Street, B-180
Denver, Colorado 80265

About the Foundation

  • The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Foundation is a respected non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization supporting earth science education through scholarships, aid to earth science teaching, and dissemination of geoscience information. Our generous donors make our shared vision possible.
  • The RMAG Foundation (RMAGF) supports activities in the earth sciences by granting research scholarships to students in universities and colleges across the country, by providing funds to support teaching endeavors by educational organizations and museums, by giving awards to outstanding students and earth science teachers, and by funding earth science publications and presentations.
  • The RMAG Foundation manages scholarships without charging administrative fees, ensuring your donation goes as far as possible to support geoscience.

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Other Important Events

2017 RMAG/DWLS Fall Symposium, Geology and Petrophysics of Unconventional Mudrocks, September 27-28, 2017
2018 SPWLA Annual Symposium, June 3-6, 2018 (London, England)

Mount Sopris Instruments
The Discovery Group
MHA Petroleum Consultants
Digital Formation
Donovan Brothers Incorporated

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This Year

3-Year Average

# of Active members 380 375
# that are New members 11 12
# that are Students 8 11
# that are Lifetime Members 266 311
September luncheon meeting attendance   60
October luncheon meeting attendance   71
November luncheon meeting attendance   60
Holiday party attendance   44
January luncheon meeting attendance   65
February luncheon meeting attendance   67
March luncheon meeting attendance   53
April luncheon meeting attendance   54
May luncheon meeting attendance   49
Summer social attendance   22
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