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Non-Petroleum Applications of Geophysical Logs

Jim LoCoco
Mount Sopris Instrument Company


Geophysical well logging is standard operation in petroleum exploration. Identification of geological formations and formation fluids, correlation between holes, and evaluating productive capabilities of reservoir formations are principal objectives.  Other industry professionals, including those involved in ground water exploration, shallow sub-surface engineering & geotechnical studies, environmental investigations, mining exploration & production, geothermal work, and other industries have taken the lead from hydrocarbon-industry petrophysicists and log analysts, applying this knowledge to their own work.

Over the years, slimline geophysical logs have been used to address specific shallow sub-surface issues.  Some of these techniques include NMR logging in ground water management and exploration, high-resolution optical televiewer logging through karst strata to identify micro-fossils and date stratigraphic units, and multi-frequency full waveform sonic logging to estimate hydraulic conductivity or permeability.  Geophysical logs are used at dam sites across the western USA and around the world to study and characterize potentially hydraulically important fractures that could cause damage.  Slimline acoustic televiewers are used to inspect and determine casing thickness and integrity in old oil wells and municipal water wells.  These same televiewers are used at geothermal sites to characterize fractures and other borehole wall attributes.  Spectral gamma tools are widely used for lithology mapping.  Side-wall gamma-gamma density tools are routinely combined with sonic data to estimate engineering properties, and 4-pi omni-directional gamma-gamma logs are now commonly used for non-destructive evaluation of highway construction piles.  Calibrated natural gamma logs are used to estimate in-situ weight percent uranium concentration, and to quickly assess phosphates and potash deposits.

It was 1846 when William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) made temperature measurements in water wells in England, and later (1912 - 1919) when the Schlumberger brothers made those famous borehole resistivity measurements.  These important events and long history of creativity and innovation have led to wide use of geophysical logs throughout the world to address everyday problems across many industries.

Speaker Biography

Jim LoCoco has over 38 years worldwide experience in slimline borehole geophysics and since 1995 has been a principal at Mount Sopris Instrument Company in Denver, CO.  Prior to this time Jim worked at Colog, Inc. a Denver-based geophysical logging service company, and for EDCON another Denver-based geophysical consulting and service firm with operations in Saud Arabia.  Jim has B.S. degrees from the University of New Mexico in Geology and Mathematics and a graduate credential in Hydrogeology from the Ohio State University.
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Tuesday, May17th, 2016
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$20 per person
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This is the last talk for the year.  See you in September!

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From the Director of Social Events

Bryan Page

Please join us Thursday May 19th from 4:30-6:30 pm at Lime an American Cantina for the DWLS Summer Social!

Cocktails and light appetizers will be served.

500 16th Street #322
(16th and Glenarm, across from movie theater, 3rd floor)
Drink tickets $10 (2 tickets)

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We hope to see you all there!

From the President

Suzanne Heskin

Happy Spring!  I hope many of you had a chance to attend the Spring Workshop that Bob and Katarina put together.  I'm sure it was great, and I've been hearing good things about it.  Thanks to everyone who helped out and made it another successful workshop.  As summer draws near, please continue attending our monthly luncheons and any social events that Bryan coordinates.  If you have thoughts or suggestions for next year's workshops or luncheons, please reach out to anyone on the Board with your ideas, they are certainly always welcome.  

From the Past President

Katerina Yared (standing in for Micah Miller)

Dear DWLS members,

I would like to start off by thanking all of you that were able to come to our DWLS spring workshop 2016!. We had a full house and we are again very pleased about the feedback. We have had 7 out of 8 speakers fly in for our event and I would like to thank them for their time and for sharing their valuable expertise with us all. Thanks again to Bob Cluff for having proposed this popular topic!
DWLS board elections also took place and I am thrilled to welcome the new DWLS 2016/17 board:
  DWLS board 2016/17
President Bob Lieber Corsair Petrophysics
VP technology Jack Breig Free agent
Treasurer Richard Rosen RL Rosen Consulting
VP of membership Aaron Fisher Tracker Resources
Secretary Rebecca Johnson QEP Resources
Editor Dominic Holmes Digital Formation
Webmaster Tony Holmes Digital Formation
Social events/gifts/beverages Amanda Waller Core Lab
Editor for Petrophysics Lauri Burke USGS
Past Presdient Katerina Yared QEP Resources
Director Margaret Lessenger Rimrock Petrophysics
Thank you for volunteering and we wish you a successful year ahead!
Please make plans to attend our DWLS Summer Social (Thursday, May 19th from 4:30-6:30 pm at Lime “an American Cantina”)….we hope it is going to be more summer-like by then ….
Stay warm everyone and be safe!”

From the Webmaster

Tony Holmes

Your Board of Directors and our resident Keeper of the Stash (Stefanie Brakenhoff) have been evaluating our current stock of items in inventory, and have decided to do offer fairly steep discounts to maximize her office space.  Please visit:

Here you will find the items we still have available for purchase, many of which are at a hefty discount to the actual cost to create them! Please come on by and purchase those hard-to-find gifts for your loved ones, even if that may be for your office bookshelf. Of specific interest should be our Workshop books, which cost well over $50 to create, not to mention the time spent by the speakers and their dedicated staff for assembly.  Please come help Stefanie clear the view out her office window.

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